Part of the plan, come this summer when the Lovely & Talented Casey returns home from school, was to get a third basset because we really had come to like having three of them before Satchmo made his abrupt departure. Of course, that was before we discovered that Fenway is, to put it mildly, a handful. We’ve had basset puppies before and I grew up with lots of dogs but Fenway, well, he’s different. Not Ben Lovatt different, because he’s a very loving dog, there’s just a bit of the wild child about him. Let’s just say that, if Cesar Millan did an episode with Fenway, it would end with Millan standing on our front lawn spewing obscenities at us (in two languages) before bursting into tears.

So another basset so soon? I’m not sure. Add to that, mrs tbogg has now decided that what she really wants is a french bulldog (actually she wanted one before we got Fenway). Yes, they are cuter than all get-out if you like a dog that looks like a pot roast with a face, but  I’m not so sure. I’m just a basset guy at heart, I guess.

Speaking of which, Beckham gets top billing this week while Fenway poses and attempts to get some sleep any way he can:




Yeah. Like I would tell you....