Former Florida state Rep. Jack Seiler (D) cruised in to become Fort Lauderdale’s new mayor (he easily defeated two out gay opponents). As Joe over at Joe.My.God said

The long and horrible 18-year reign of Fort Lauderdale’s virulently anti-gay Mayor Jim “Robo-Potty” Naugle ended

The new mayor was interviewed by Father Tony and gave this thumbnail sketch and hilarious observation.

After the brief interview, off camera, we had a rather lengthy chat, and I was favorably impressed. He had been mayor of Wilton Manors (one of the gayest places in the known universe) during the boom years. He actually has a track record that is somewhat pro-LGBT. I think he may not be so bad. We talked about the policing of sex on the beach. We talked about the separation of church and state. We talked about justice for the LGBT community and the tourism dollar. He actually has friends who go to Slammer.

My assessment: the new mayor of Fort Lauderdale does not suck dick, but he is not so bad. I am encouraged.

You can see the interview here.

For a blast from the insane past, check out the Blend Jim Naugle files.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding