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No Lawrence King wasn’t sexually harassing his killer

One year ago today, Lawrence King was shot twice in the back of head by a classmate, after months of being harassed by fellow students for liking boys and being effeminate — including wearing girls clothing and calling himself “Leticia” at times. (Whether King would have grown up to be a femmy gay man or a trans woman is something we'll never know.)

After the spate of stories claiming King sexually harassed his accused killer — and implying he had it coming — prosecutors just released additional information about the case showing that simply wasn't true. At most, King had begun talking back to his tormenters after months of harassment.

Whereas King's accused killer turns out to have been a neo-Nazi/skinhead wanna-be with a huge homophoic streak, who was watching training videos about “Shooting in a Realistic Environments,” and who repeatedly threatened to kill King.

But of course it was all King's fault…

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