2987725752_c4c34f5c9d_m.jpgI guess those clowns at Pajamas Media are gluttons for ridicule (beginning of video here).

After it’s over, you must watch Joe’s "investigation" of the stimulus bill, in which he shares priceless insights such as,

The money that they’re talking about spending is just absolutely incredible. You can’t get your mind around it.  We used to think a million dollars was just the most incredible thing. Then it went to billions and now we’re talking trillions. And trillions is such a large number we just can’t wrap our mind around it, at least I can’t.

When Joe tells me he can’t wrap his mind around something, I believe him.

Later, he interviews gives Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn camera time to spout Republican talking points, but his question to Sherrod Brown steals the show.

I mean, I cut cable when I realize that I’m not making enough money to cover my bills, I use coupons. Shouldn’t we expect the government to cut some programs?

Like the man said: cut bills, kick ass.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan