A huge majority of Americans favors investigation of Bush administration misdeeds. However, in releasing the results of the poll, Gallup chooses to spin their headline. First, here are the findings: [click to enlarge]


On the three questions, investigating politicization of the Justice Department, warrantless wiretapping and torture, 71%, 63% and 62%, respectively, favor investigation of one sort or another.

So how did Gallup spin the result? Their headline is "No Mandate for Criminal Probes of Bush Administration". That’s pretty bad spin, especially since, for all three questions, a huge majority favor investigations, and among those favoring investigations, more favor criminal probes than a "truth commission", or "independent panel" as they termed it.

There is further breakdown of the data into Democrats, Republicans and Independents:


I find these results fascinating. The drumbeat from the Obama Administration, the M$M and now even Senator Pat Leahy, is to "look forward" and, as Cass Sunstein would have us say, not "criminalize policy differences" while we settle for a Truth Commission over criminal investigations. Given that environment, it is astounding that on the issue of torture, fully 20% of Republicans, 39% of Independents and 51% of Democrats want criminal investigations. Can you imagine what those numbers would be if, instead of Kit Bond warning of "political firestorms" in response to criminal probes, we had daily reports on CNN and even Fox News of Binyam Mohamed having his genitals sliced with a scalpel?

Jim White

Jim White

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