Lots of hearings to choose from today, but after the last 2 days of hearings I think I need a break today. Live streaming is expected at most committee websites (see links below) and CSPAN (schedule).  Direct realplayer links are: CSPAN, CSPAN-2, CSPAN-3, CSPAN Radio.

9:30 am – Senate Indian Affairs
An oversight hearing to examine matters relating to Indian affairs.

  • The Honorable Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, United States Department of the Interior, Washington, DC

9:30 am – Senate Armed Services
Organizational business meeting

9:30 am – Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Organizational business meeting

9:30 am – House Foreign Affairs
Gaza After the War: What Can Be Built on the Wreckage?


  • Mr. David Makovsky, Director, Project on the Middle East Peace Process, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
  • Ziad J. Asali, M.D., President & Founder, The American Task Force on Palestine
  • Michele Dunne, Ph.D., Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Ms. Danielle Pletka, Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

10:00 am – Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
Hearings to examine consumer protection in the financial regulatory system, focusing on strengthening credit card protections.


  • Mr. Travis B. Plunkett , Legislative Director, Consumer Federation of America
  • Mr. James C. Sturdevant , Esq., The Sturdevant Law Firm
  • Mr. Kenneth J. Clayton , Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Card Policy Council, American Bankers Association
  • Mr. Lawrence M. Ausubel , Professor of Economics, University of Maryland
  • Mr. Todd Zywicki , Professor, George Mason University School of Law
  • Mr. Adam J. Levitin , Associate Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

10:00 am – Senate Budget
Hearings to examine Senate procedures for consideration of the budget resolution/reconciliation.


  • The Honorable Arlen Specter — United States Senator
  • G. William Hoagland — Former Staff Director, Senate Budget Committee

10:00 am – Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation
Organizational business meeting to consider an original resolution authorizing expenditures for committee operations, and committee’s rules of procedure for the 111th Congress; followed by a nomination hearing:

  • Jane Lubchenco, of Oregon, to be Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere, Department of Commerce
  • John P. Holdren, of Massachusetts, to be Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Department of Commerce

10:00 am – Senate Energy and Natural Resources
Hearings to examine the Department of Energy Loan Guarantee Program, authorized under Title 17 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and how the delivery of services to support the deployment of clean energy technologies might be improved.


  • David Frantz , Director of Loan Guarantee Program, Department of Energy
  • The Honorable Andy Karsner , Distinguished Fellow, Council on Competitiveness
  • Kevin Book , Senior Vice President, Energy Policy, Oil & Alternative Energy , Friedman Billings Ramsey & Company, Inc.
  • James Asselstine , Managing Director, Barclays Capital

10:00 am – Senate Environment and Public Works
Organizational business meeting.

10:00 am – Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Hearings to examine structuring national security and homeland security at the White House.


  • The Honorable Thomas J. Ridge , Former Secretary , United States Department of Homeland Security
  • Frances Fragos Townsend , Former Assistant to President George W. Bush for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
  • Christine E. Wormuth , Senior Fellow, International Security Program , Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • The Honorable James R. Locher III , Executive Director , Project on National Security Reform

10:00 am – Senate Judiciary
Organizational business meeting to consider subcommittee assignments.

10 am – House Education and Labor
Examining Workers’ Rights and Violence against Labor Union Leaders in Colombia

10 am – House Energy and Commerce
The Climate Crisis: National Security, Economic, and Public Health Threats

10 am – House Budget
Building a Foundation for Families: Fighting Hunger, Investing in Children

  • Sharon Parrott, Director of the Welfare Reform and Income Support Division, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Deborah A. Frank, M.D., Founder and Principal Investigator of the Children’s Sentinel Nutrition Assessment Program and the Growth and Development Program, Boston Medical Center
  • Leon Lott, Sheriff, Richland County, South Carolina
  • Douglas J. Besharov, Senior Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

10 am – House Natural Resources
Legislative Hearing on H.R. 493: To direct the Secretary of the Interior to promulgate regulations concerning the storage and disposal of matter referred to as ‘other wastes’ in the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977, and for other purposes. Coal Ash Reclamation, Environment, and Safety Act of 2009"


  • Mr. John R. Craynon, Chief, Division of Regulatory Support, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Department of the Interior
  • Ms. Sandy Gruzesky, Director, Division of Water, Department for Environmental Protection, State of Kentucky
  • Mr. Tom FitzGerald, Director, Kentucky Resources Council
  • Mr. Davitt McAteer, Vice President for Sponsored Programs, CEO of the Center for Educational Technologies & National Technology Transfer Center, Wheeling Jesuit University
  • Mr. Nick Akins, Executive Vice President for Generation, American Electric Power Service Corporation

10 am – House Science and Technology
An Overview of Transportation R&D: Priorities for Reauthorization

10 am – House Appropriations
On Army contracting.

Witness:Ross Thompson, Military Deputy to Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition, Logistics & Technology.

10 am – House Oversight and Government Reform
On U.S. efforts to train and equip the Afghan army and police.

10:30 am – House Armed Services
On Addressing U.S. Strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan: Balancing Interests and Resources.


  • Anthony Cordesman, Ph.D.
  • Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Stephen Biddle, Ph.D., Senior Fellow for Defense Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
  • General Jack Keane (ret.), Former Vice Chief of Staff, United States Army
  • Janet St. Laurent, Managing Director, Defense Capabilities and Management Team, Government Accountability Office

11 am – House Judiciary
Hearing on: Libel Tourism

Witness List
Panel 1:

  • Hon. Peter King, U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District, NY

Panel 2:

  • Rachel Ehrenfeld, Ph.D., American Center for Democracy
  • Bruce D. Brown, Esq., Baker Hostetler
  • Laura R. Handman, Esq.
  • Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP
  • Linda J. Silberman, New York University School of Law

1 pm – House Foreign Affairs
Smart Power: Remaking U.S. Foreign Policy in North Korea

Panel 1:

  • Mr. Selig S. Harrison, Asia Director, The Center for International Policy

Panel 2:

  • The Honorable Charles L. Pritchard, President, Korea Economic Institute, (Former Ambassador and Special Envoy for Negotiations with North Korea)
  • Victor Cha, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director of Asian Studies and D.S. Song-Korea, Foundation Chair in Asian Studies and Government, Georgetown University

Panel 3:

  • Mr. Bruce Klingner, Senior Research Fellow, Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation
  • Mr. Scott Snyder, Senior Associate, International Relations, The Asia Foundation
  • Mr. Peter Beck, Adjunct Professor, American University

1 pm – House Agriculture
Business Meeting to consider H.R. ____, the Derivatives Markets Transparency and Accountability Act of 2009

1 pm – House Armed Services
The Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee will meet to receive testimony on Strategies for Countering Violent Extremist Ideologies.


  • Mr. Raymond Ibrahim, Associate Director, Middle East Forum and author of The Al Qaeda Reader
  • Dr. Michael Doran, Visiting Professor, Wagner School of Public Service, New York University and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Support for Public Diplomacy)

2:00 pm – Senate Foreign Relations
Hearings to examine United States relations with Sudan.

2:30 pm – Senate Intelligence
Hearings to examine the world threat.

2:30 pm – House Education and Labor
New Innovations and Best Practices Under the Workforce Investment Act


  • Ms. Bonnie Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Solutions, Inc, Lower Rio Grande Valley, McAllen, TX
  • Mr. Morton Bahr, President Emeritus, Communications Workers of America, National Commission on Adult Literacy, Washington, D.C.
  • Mr. Stephen Wooderson, State Administrator, Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Des Moines, IA
  • Mr. Bill Camp, Executive Secretary, Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, Sacramento, CA
  • Ms. Karen R. Elzey, Vice-President and Executive Director, Institute for a Competitive Workforce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  • Ms. Sherry L. Johnson, Associate Director, Lincoln Trail Area Development District, Elizabethtown, KY