#dontgo Board holds secret meeting at Applebees

You may remember the #dontgo movement (see here and here) which is the most powerful movement you have never heard of outside of the  RedState Strike Force Ninja Warriors of Doom Until We Have To Go In The House When Our Mom Calls (they’re working on tightening that up a little – maybe Wolverines! of Doom Until We Have To Go In The House When Our Mom Calls). These children of the technological revolution aim to seize the levers of power using their awesome technological skills which include, but are not limited to, "blogging", "surfing the internet", "twittering", "email", and using their "anytime minutes" on their "portable telephones".

It’s really quite exciting.

Wednesday night I received one of their double-secret emails and decoded it by… um… clicking on it and opening it, and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

After some individual contact, the following DontGo Movement Board members where (sic) reached to personally endorse Jim Tedisco in New York’s 20th Congressional District.

Eric Odom, Chair
Ali. A. Akbar
Sherri Reese
Elizabeth Blackney
Richard Disney
This is exactly what DontGo needs.

– Sherri Reese

After rancorous debate over Nachos Nuevos and White Peach Sangrias  it was agreed that Tedisco sealed the deal when he showed the Board Members that he too is wise in the Dark Arts of the Twitter:

Witness New York Republican Jim Tedisco’s attempt to incorporate the Age of Twitter onto his website. Tedisco, running for the vacant old seat of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in New York’s 20th District against Democrat Scott Murphy, has a nifty little feature on his website which incorporates all #NY20 messages from Twitter.

Seems that this includes all messages from, say, his opponent’s campaign, or the DCCC, as well. In this case, Jimmy T. highlighted a DCCC story on his website which references Tedisco’s having burned $21,000 of taxpayer money on gas expenses in just seven short years…despite living 20 minutes from the state capital.

Er, not exactly the kind of news you want to blast to your supporters, Jimbo.

The Twit is very strong in this one…



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