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Pelosi Group Rips Blue Dog Jim Cooper

They’re not even pretending any more. Ben Smith:

The labor-backed, pro-stimulus group Americans United for Change and the public workers’ union AFSCME are going up with a national cable spot, also airing in Washington D.C., with the sharpest attack yet on Republican leaders in the House and Senate.


The group is also airing regional radio spots targeting 18 House members of both parties and three GOP senators and offering them "second chance" to vote for the plan. Its targets include House Minority Whip Eric Cantor and Blue Dog Tennessee Democrat Jim Cooper.

The ads will begin running Wednesday morning and air at least through Friday, said the president of Americans United for Change, Brad Woodhouse.

Got that?  Eighteen House members.  Seventeen Republicans — and Blue Dog Jim Cooper.  Who said that Rahm the White House "encouraged" him to vote against the stimulus bill and oppose Pelosi

Americans United is Pelosi’s group.  Woodhouse is her guy. To the best of my knowledge they have never taken out ads against a Democrat — in fact, their refusal to include Democrats in their campaign on SCHIP is why Blue America stepped in and did so.

Oh it’s on.

I think I’m calling this series "The Rahm Cycle" (Rahm of the Niebelung?):

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