There, but for….

Rita Thompson woke up yesterday, got a stack of résumés together and hit the pavement in downtown San Diego.

But unlike other job seekers, Thompson, 57, was hoping the employers would come to her. Résumés at the ready, she walked along Broadway for about seven hours wearing a sign that read, “I Need A Job!”

“I was so desperate for a job, and people showed a lot of compassion,” Thompson said.

“They said, ‘Good for you.’”

Thompson said she was doing administrative jobs through a temp agency, but the work dried up three weeks ago. Facing bills and a mortgage payment on her three-bedroom home in El Cajon, she remembered reading about a job-seeking Harvard student who went the sandwich-board route.

Although Thompson struggled with putting on the public display – “It’s hard to say that you need something, and a job is a big thing,” she said – the approach seemed to work.

By the time she left at 3:30 p.m., she had given out 23 of 25 résumés and taken a couple of business cards.

On Monday I was given a resume from a woman with both BA and an MA from Tulane, as well as a PhD from UConn. She’s been looking for work since she got laid off at Linens ‘n Things in December, where she was working as a cashier.

These people obviously need a tax break.



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