There are days when, after scanning the news, I push back from my computer and think, "Holy shit, is this how the French Revolution kicked off?" Today was one of those days.

In Washington, D.C., the eight, white, male bank CEOs were so relieved to avoid the rabble picketing outside their estates up in Greenwich, CT, that they allowed members of the House Financial Services Committee to wag accusatory fingers and scold them on their continued use of private jets to transport them around the country. In return, they promised they’d try to remember how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they "earn" per year:

Wells Fargo’s Stumpf had some trouble remembering his salary.

“My compensation in 2008, I’m embarrassed, I think it was 850 — I can’t remember the exact number. Let’s say $850,000,” he said.

Well, whatever Stumpf does, he should also remember not to call this year’s cash payout a bonus!

Across the hall in another chamber, Stewart Parnell, CEO of The Peanut Corporation of America, a.k.a. "Salmonella Central," defiantly pleaded the Fifth in the face of proof that his greed and arrogance caused at least nine deaths to date. Cost of doing business, right?

Then it turns out that sweet little victim Ruth Madoff, wife of archvillain Bernie "I’m a Prisoner in My $7 Million Apartment" Madoff, somehow managed to transfer $10 million out of a brokerage account run by her husband . . . the day before Bernie was busted.  Um . . . negative optics, anyone?

It’s no wonder the country’s fixated on whackjob "Octomom", Nadya Suleman.  At least she’s genuinely crazy.

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