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Franken-Coleman Update, 02/11/09 (AM Edition): Are The Grownups In Charge?

franken-coleman-court.thumbnail.jpgThe biggest news of the day came last night:  The Election Contest Court, apparently unwilling to let the Coleman campaign pay three-card ballot monte any more, gave the  the two campaigns a list of nineteen categories of absentee ballots and told them to figure out, by 4:00 pm today, which ones are legal ballots and which ones aren’t.  This will streamline, speed up and un-cherry-pick the reviewing process, which Coleman’s team had deliberately slowed down by trying to force thousands of cherry-picked absentee ballots into the system.   Of course, Coleman’s people could still try and find a way to game this, but probably not by 4:00 pm Central Standard Time today.

Have the grownups, in form of Minnesota’s judicial officials, finally reclaimed control of the proceedings from Coleman’s Hundred-Lawyer Horde?   Fingers crossed.

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