If the economy weren’t tanking and our retirements being wiped out, I’d be saving, finally, for that trip to Paris, or maybe Florence, that I’ve always wanted to take. But it seems I won’t have to go there because, according to Lou Dobbs and Mitch McConnell, France will soon be coming to Cleveland.

This happy event, it seems, is part of what Dobbs described tonight as Obama’s "road to socialism," a major segment in which some insane wingnut talked about how the stimulus bill contains provisions allowing the government to determine how Medicare funds are spent. Gosh. That was preceded by running "Road to Socialism" headlines above other stories on Dobb’s moronic show.

In the lead up to that horror piece, Dobbs showed a clip of four Republican Senators (h/t Toby) berating the Senate passage today of the Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Jobs-stimulus bill). Mitch McConnell was particularly reassuring today, explaining exactly why I should cancel my flight to Europe.

America, Mitch proudly announced, is becoming European. The proof is the fact that the projected percentage of future GDP atributable to government spending under the jobs-stimulus plan etc. will approach nearly 40 percent, after averaging just over 20 percent in recent decades. That trend will inevitably turn us into France, Mitch promised. This sounds good, I thought.

McConnell did not explain how America’s private economy came to be $2 trillion short in GDP, nor did he mention that under the Republicans, Americans just lost $6 trillion in housing value and $7-8 trillion in stock value, and thus needed several trillions in federal stimulus and financial bailouts just to avoid another Great Depression. But since he didn’t mention that, or explain how we’d make up for the multi-trillion dollar shortfalls without this government intervention, I assume this whole sequence was a deliberate plan to make Cleveland more attractive than Paris. And they’ve succeeded.

So, first thing tomorrow, I’m checking Greyhound schedules to Cleveland (apparently the Bullet Train doesn’t run there yet). I can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower.



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