2:56 pm — Lights, camera, action — Joe Liebeman is wearing WAY too much makeup as he positions himself behind Harry Reid for the cameras as they announce that a deal has been reached with the House on the stimulus plan.

3:00 pm — House Democrats don’t show up for a conference meeting. Sources say that White House and House Dems want more money put back in for school construction.

3:40 pm — Cillizza drops hint that Voinovich, Murkowski or Lugar could change votes — a deal that could make Collins, Specter and/or Snow vote unneccessary?

4:07 pm — Congressional Black Caucus send House negotiators a letter "asking them to add an additional $4.2 billion for the federal government to lend states money to acquire foreclosed homes, another $4 billion for job-training programs and $14 billion for school construction."

5:30 — House Democratic caucus in an emergency meeting.

UPDATE: Senate camera hogs anxious to cover themselves in bipartisan glory evidently jumped the gun and held a press conference before deal was ratified.

UPDATE II:  CNN says "snag resolved in stimulus deal — House, Senate reach $789B compromise" 

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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