At some time in his life Jonah Goldberg was asked to do a pull-up in gym class. After hanging there for twenty seconds or so ( limp as a trophy fish because gravity has a well-known liberal bias) the gym teacher sighed and announced "close enough" without ever looking up from his clipboard.

From this, a work ethic was born:

Like pretty much everyone in Washington, I don’t take Media Matters for America very seriously. But, I sometimes find it funny how seriously it takes itself. A good example is Eric Boehlert’s hysterical fit about my recent USA Today column on Obama’s press coverage (which I will admit has gotten somewhat more pointed since the column came out).

I think the feverishness of his diatribe speaks for itself. But I do think it’s worth pointing to a couple of his substantive complaints, which I think mostly stem from his inability to use Nexis or Google.

Boehlert writes:

Let’s start with the column’s first sentence: "Barack Obama and his supporters have been relentlessly comparing the new president to Franklin Roosevelt."

The new president has been "relentlessly" comparing himself to FDR? Note that Goldberg offered no evidence in his column — no quotes, no nothing — to back up that claim. I searched through Nexis and Google and couldn’t find examples of Obama comparing himself to FDR.

Sigh. Obama’s rhetoric has been relentless in its allusions to Roosevelt and the New Deal in ways that make the comparison obvious. Hundreds of reporters, columnists and bloggers have caught this. He has invoked FDR and/or FDR’s New Deal countless times to support his policies and his philosophy of governance. But if Eric Boehlert is insufficiently historically literate to hear it, that’s his failing, not mine.

Personally I am of the belief that Jonah is possession of a Wingnut Edition of the Babel Fish which translates "Obama talks about FDR" into "OMG!!Obama thinks he’s FDR!", which might explain that time when people were saying that Jonah’s book appeared to have been written by a roomful of monkeys with typewriters and Jonah thought they were comparing him to Edward Gibbon.

Stranger things have happened. Not stupider, but definitely stranger…



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