In its report about a man arrested with a rifle today at the Capitol, CNN had this to say:

Threats against Obama have led to arrests in previous cases.

In one, federal prosecutors concluded that three people arrested with drugs and weapons in a suburban Denver, Colorado, motel posed a "true threat" to Obama during the Democratic National Convention.

Uhm, not quite. Maybe this was just a typo and should have read "no true threat", but here is what the Rocky Mountain News had to say at that the time the three were arrested:

The U.S. attorney for Colorado said authorities are "absolutely confident" three men arrested on weapons and drug charges posed no threat to presidential candidate Barack Obama.

I found this problem just before 7:30 pm Eastern on February 10. If they correct the story, I will note it in comments. This is a very sloppy error by CNN, since there was considerable controversy over the US attorney’s decision that the men did not post a threat to Obama. Any journalist who has paid even the least bit of attention over the past six months would not make this mistake.

Jim White

Jim White

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