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AZ: Domestic Partnership Registry Opens in Phoenix

Equality Arizona is announcing the opening of a Domestic Partnership registry this week in Phoenix.  The only other AZ polity to have one is Tuscon.

Talk about baby steps – for 50 bucks you can buy the most limited of DPs you can imagine.  “The sole benefit granted by the ordinance is the right to visitation with a domestic partner in any health care facility located within the city of Phoenix.”  And DPs from other places will not be recognized in Phoenix.

However, given that AZ just passed their hate amendment, it is heartening that the Phoenix city council would unanimously support this registry.  And conceivably it’ll be beefed up over time.

The email blast is below the fold.

Phoenix couples can begin to register for the city’s domestic partner registry at 9:00am today, February 9th, at Phoenix City Hall, assembly room B. Unmarried same-sex or opposite-sex partners who live together will be charged a $50 non-refundable fee to register as domestic partners, which will grant them hospital-visitation rights to Phoenix hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other health-care facilities.

Click here for more details about the registry.

The Phoenix City Council voted in December to create the registry, becoming the second city in Arizona to adopt such a measure. Tucson launched a similar program in 2003. Registration will continue in the assembly room through Feb. 13. Registration then will be located on the 15th floor of Phoenix City Hall. Both parties must appear together to register and must provide a valid photo ID issued by a government agency within the U.S. that includes name, date of birth, weight, height and hair and eye color.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer