With all things coffee being on topic at a place named Pam’s House Blend, Starbucks’ recent announcement is something worth discussing over our virtual hammerheads and lattes.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Starbucks Corp., which is trying to refashion its image as a more recession-friendly coffeehouse, offered more details Monday on the breakfast “pairings” it will sell beginning March 3.

The gourmet coffee chain said it will introduce value-meal type options for $3.95 each in its U.S. company-owned stores. Customers can order a tall latte and an oatmeal or a slice of reduced-fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake. Drip coffee drinkers can get a tall brewed coffee with a breakfast sandwich at the same price.

Starbucks said it will also launch two new breakfast sandwiches — a bacon sandwich with egg and gouda cheese and a ham sandwich made with egg and cheddar.

Regular prices for the drinks and food items vary depending on the location of the store but a tall latte and an oatmeal can cost as much as $5. Starbucks said the pairings will provide customers with an average savings of as much as $1.20…

Hmm. So, they want people to save $1.20 by spending $3.95 for breakfast. So if one had breakfast at Starbucks every weekday morning in February at $3.95 (not including any added state taxes), then one would have spent $79.00 by the end of the month.

With unemployment numbers being so high at the moment, and people having jobs now worrying about becoming jobless soon…Well, I’m not so sure spending $79.00 a month on breakfast each morning is going to be considered by a great many customers as a cost effective breakfast plan.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen