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Franken-Coleman Update, 02/09/09 (AM Edition): Draggin’ It Out

franken-coleman-court.thumbnail.jpgAs I mentioned last week, an analysis of the 4,797-ballot universe Norm Coleman asked for shows that Al Franken is likely to gain, not lose, from Coleman’s maneuver — even though these 4,797 ballots are in large part from Coleman-friendly precincts.  So why did Coleman do it? 

Because he wants to drag this thing out, baby. He knows these ballots will take a while to count.  Plus, he knows that, what with the Election Contest Court not wanting to give him any pretext for a successful appeal, they’re going to grant him massive amounts of latitude, even to the point of allowing him to flout both interrogatories and the rules of evidence. (However, there’s a chance he might not be allowed to flout these rules for much longer.  Even the ECC has its limits.)

Oh, and God wants Norm Coleman to serve.  He told us so.  (Norm, that is, not God.)

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Phoenix Woman