Sunday Morning Media Mendacity

So, I watched The Chris Matthews Show this AM. Guests were Michelle Norris, Michael Duffy, Andrea Mitchell and David Brooks, a pretty typical line-up. Lots of tut-tutting about the stimulus, and about Daschle et al. Near the end of the show, Tweety has a segment where he says to the panel, "Tell me something I don’t know". These are not usually earth-shattering insights, but rather provide a bit of a window into what the Village is obsessing about.

This morning, Norris’s response was more revealing than she probably intended. She said that around the country, mayors and governors, even members of Congress, are grumbling that the administration isn’t explaining the stimulus package. Everyone nods in agreement, all apparently oblivious to the fact that they each have it in their power to use their national media outlets to explain the stimulus package.

Now, I certainly hope that Obama spends more time selling the stimulus. But I found it quite revealing that, apparently, these media figures feel no responsibility to actually inform the public about the issues instead of just regurgitating spin. Apparently the possibility of informing the public never occurs to the Villagers. Lazy or stupid? Or both?

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