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Map Showing Supporters of Florida’s Amendment 2 Hits the Web

Financial supporters of Florida’s Amendment 2, the dangerously worded constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state, may now have their day in the sunshine.

A new website called has launched with a handy, searchable database and map so you can find out who in your area gave money to take away the rights of others.  But this site provides more than just names of contributors, it also has information on conflict resolution and how to approach those around you to talk about the real impact of Amendment 2.

It’s not retribution, it’s about changing minds and holding people accountable.Readers may remember that there was much controversy and investigation into the illegal campaign tactics of the Yes2Marriage Campaign.  Illegal money funneling to shield donors, 3rd party produced ads, and other misdeeds helped the group pass the Amendment in November.

Perhaps this is a chance to see what businesses gave financial support and take your money elsewhere, as well as see who in your neighborhood gave money and start a dialogue to help in future pro-equality efforts.

So check out and see what names pop up.  You may be surprised…

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