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Come Saturday Morning: They Lie About Everything

Pinocchio Republicans

Pinocchio Republicans

Republicans lie about everything, big and small.  They just do.  This week was filled with examples given to us by Andy Card, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell, and Tony Blankley.  In fact, if a prominent Republican was flapping his or her gums this week, it was very likely that a lie is what popped out from between them.

Taking the liars in order:

Former Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card took pot shots at Obama for not wearing a jacket in the Oval Office like Card’s ex-boss George W. Bush always did.   Except, of course, that he didn’t.  Neither did any of his immediate predecessors.   But trust Card, who had no problem with his boss invading Iraq and murdering hundreds of thousands of persons (and breaking the Treasury to do it), to try and make up a lie about cheap symbolism over actual substance.

— When he wasn’t using lies to inflame his listeners into flooding Capitol Hill switchboards over the stimulus package, Rush Limbaugh was lying about Guantanamo.

— Speaking of lying about Gitmo, guess what Dick Cheney was doing, with an assist from The Politico?  He lied so badly and blatantly that he nearly drove the normally-phlegmatic Lawrence O’Donnell to rage on Countdown Wednesday night.

— Know how guys like Mitch McConnell and Tony Blankley have been citing what they say are Congressional Budget Office claims that the stimulus package won’t do any good?  Guess what — they’re lying.   Here’s what CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf actually told Congress recently about the stimulus package: "In CBO’s judgment, H.R. 1 would provide a substantial boost to economic activity over the next several years relative to what would occur without any legislation."

Spread the word, everyone.  Tell all your friends and rellies:  Republicans lie about everything.  Everything.

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