7pm local time, I’m flipping through channels and I land on my local NBC affiliate, KGW, and a news anchor telling me the story about to be told is controversial and not meant to be salacious, but will cover material of a sexual nature that is newsworthy as it may involve a criminal investigation into Portland Mayor Sam Adams’ relationship with a then-17-year-old.  Stay tuned for he exclusive first-time interview with Beau Breedlove!

The breaking news special’s title?


Does no one in the KGW newsroom have a sense or irony?  Or does that standard evaporate when the impossibly hunky gay teen is named “Beau Breedlove”?

They’ve come back from commercial… “not because it’s about sex, but because it’s of the impact the scandal and the attorney general’s investigation may have on city business…”, lots of references to how “we asked Mayor Adams to appear on ‘STRAIGHT TALK’ numerous times” but he refused, but Beau Breedlove agreed to answer our questions, blah blah…

Need it be typed that all the interview so far has been “did he kiss you?” “who instigated the kiss?” “where were your hands?” “did you plan to not have sex until you were 18?” “a friend of yours says you said you had sex with Adams when you were 17?” “when you kissed in the City Hall bathroom, how long did that kiss last?” “Who instigated your sexual relationship?” “did you feel like this was going to be a long-term relationship?” “are you willing to take a polygraph?” “there are perceptions that Sam Adams is some kind of predator…” “there are perceptions that you were trying to use Sam Adams…”

Now an intricate examination of the coicidence that Beau has a dog named Lolita.  Because, you know, that would be highly relevant to the attorney general’s investigation.

I just feel bad for this 18-year-old man.  He’s the Monica Lewinsky of Portland.  A young person looking for acceptance and acting on impulse, enthralled by power and a charming leader.  I don’t give Sam Adams any more slack than I give John Edwards or Bill Clinton, but like Monica, I feel some sympathy for Beau.




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