(Sorry about that title but I really couldn’t resist)

Jon Stuart had a great segment and Raw Story s hosting the clip.

It’s going to be vintage Jon and you should watch it for the humor but the actual journalism Jon demonstrates is incredible.

I’m going to quote his skit out of context so it loses the humor, imagine if you saw this in a journalists broadcast.

Jon starts with a clip of Cheney saying the following[paraphrased for length];

"I think if you release the terrorists that are held at Guantanamo and they kill more Americans, who’s responsible for that?"

Jon unleashes his barrage;

"what if we’re hit again by a guy who’s really sad because his whole family was killed in Iraq, who’s responsible for that?


what if someone got pissed off at us because someone was potato sacked and bound and kept in a cave without a lawyer for seven years, on an island in the Caribbean, who’s responsible for that?


if al-qaeda, on the Afghanistan Pakistan border had time to reconstitute and devise another attack because we pulled all our resources into invading another country that had nothing to do with 9/11, who’s responsible for that?"