The ACTUAL percentage of unemployed in America today exceeds 18%. Combined with the number of underemployed, forced to work part time, many without health benefits, adds at least another 6% to that number. We are in a depression right now.

Tax cuts benefit ONLY those earning taxable income. Any prospective stimulus that these retained earnings might otherwise indirectly provide is negated by the reality that consumer spending has virtually stopped across all income classes, in acknowledgment of the significance of the crisis and the lack of confidence in the banking system to continue to function.

After eight years of “tax cut economics” – we find ourselves in a depression. The very definition of insanity is met when we opt to do the same thing, and expect a different result.

Ours was the country that represented the vast majority of consumer purchasing power globally. We were the manufacturers AND the consumers – that was our strength.

It was not the doing of US workers that their plants to be closed and their jobs to be sent abroad. It was the work of globalist international banksters who provided the credit to the manufacturers and ran the global markets. In our hearts, we understood that cheaper goods at Walmart were not a fair trade for offshoring our manufacturing jobs and gutting our main street stores.

This was forced upon us, albeit with ample sugar (credit), and the steady drumbeat of political and commercial message compelling Americans to submit to cheap and shiny trinkets – courtesy of globalism and – and to forsake protectionism. It made no sense. When you are a nation in balance, you manufacture what your people need, and they buy it. Those who make a good wage building products become consumers themselves. That’s what we had, and our politicians (on behalf of their globalist bankster overlords) intentionally destroyed in order to institute their New World Order.

There are no coincidences.
Henry Ford is rolling over in his grave.