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Stimulus Package? Manhattan Madam Claims Wall Street Fat Cats Charged Girls on Corp Credit Cards

Kristin Davis, who pleaded guilty for promoting prostitution–she was the madam in the Elliot Spitzer prostitution case–says Wall Street CEOs and investment bankers used their corporate credit card cards to charge sexy romps at a stimulating cost of $2,000 an hour.

In an interviw with ABC’s 20/20 airing tonight, Davis says:

Some of these guys, I was invoicing on corporate credit cards. I was writing up monthly bills for computer consulting, construction expenses, all of these things, I was invoicing them monthly so they could get it by their accountants. 

Okay, prostitution is one thing–but fraud? Yikes!

Davis added that one CEO ordered her to send him invoices for "roof repair on a warehouse" to disguise the charge for prostitutes from corporate funds. When contacted by ABC, that CEO said he did in fact use a corporate credit card to pay for escorts to entertain clients but no sex was involved. Mmm hmmm.

Davis claims that after her arrest, the district attorney was not interested in going after any of the Wall Street executives on her client list. She told ABC:

I as the proprietor of a business get arrested and lose everything when no one that was frequenting my business or spending $200,000, $300,000 a year has been punished in any way or looked into.

She is currently debating publicly releasing her full client list. And what a list–Among the names ABC says it confirmed as clients:

* a vice president of NBC Universal (owned by General Electric)
* the part owner of a Major League Baseball team who "loves Kelsey"
* the CEO of one of the country’s largest private equity firms who met "Cameron" at the Peninsula Hotel
* a major New York real estate developer who, according to the list, "will come to the door wearing women’s panties"
* a partner at the Wall Street law firm Cravath Swaine Moore "looking for a party girl to come fully equipped" and spent a total of $20,000
* an investment banker from Lehman Brothers who saw "Kelsey and Keely together" and later saw "Aria and Skyler at the same time"
* an investment banker at JP Morgan Securities who "loves Brooke" and spent $41,600
* an investment banker at Goldman Sachs who "only wanted all-American girls" and spent $27,000
* a managing director from Merrill Lynch who saw "Lana" using the name "Nataly"
* a managing director from Deutsche Bank "who called about seeing Nataly again"

But ABC was not able to confirm that the payments were made on corporate cards, and a spokesperson for JP Morgan say the company is now lookng into the matter.

And yes, Kristin Davis’ new book–which spills the dirt on Client Number 9 and others–is out this week. Coincidence? Well, a girl has to make a living somehow…

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Lisa Derrick

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