All right, you have attained $1,200 in Cash Cab in forty blocks with only two to go, so that means one more question. You have already two strikes, so one more and you lose it all and will be kicked to the curb. The question:

What is the name of the particle for which the CERN LHC is searching in order to explain mass?

You have to use a Shout Out, which means pulling to the curb while you ask help from pedestrians along the walkway. You search out the window for a face that represents $1,400 and maybe double that if you go for the Video Bonus. So choose wisely.

Along the way you see one who resembles the president we are just rid of. A wrinkled countenance without the candlepower to even light up his features. An apple doll.

From the other direction comes one who looks just like Rachel Maddow.

Which to choose?

Now, in less stressful times, we like to tell ourselves and others that appearances don’t matter. After all, you can’t tell a book by its cover, can you?

Well, yes, actually, you can, more or less. I see a volume with a nubile lady in form-fitting silk in the arms of a virile buccaneer on the cover, I don’t wonder if this is a treatise on Rilke. I sort of use profiling to determine the contents of the package.

You will say, and I will agree with you, that there is no inherent value in dress, no quality to be assigned to reflected light off any human. We are all one. But it’s growing dark and you encounter a group of those whose outfits betoke little respect for convention. You will cross the street, and you will say, oh, it’s because the new spring wardrobes are in the window at Grant Vogue.

We tell ourselves lies in order to live. Not every noir narrative fits our daytime dress. The guys in the wanted poster, they resemble criminals. If you are presented with quotes from Kentucky or West Virginia during the last campaign cycle, you would be able to pick the speaker’s image from among Jane Hamsher’s Facebook friends.

We would all like to live up to our egalitarian postures, but that’s only for a relaxed dreamy daytime. Afterwards, says Anselmo of the killing, I would like to live in such a way as this did not matter.

"The Higg’s boson," says the Rachel Maddow lookalike. That’s right, says Ben Bailey. Thank you, you say to Rachel.

The Dohbya double wanders over to the cab. "Will you be going to Waco? Can I git to Waco from here?"

In the best of all possible worlds, we are all one and we are created equal. I will tell you this, and you will agree, once you leave the cab.

Originally run in Yucca Flats.



Smalltown Texan, Blackland Prairie, a senior. Sometimes I have trouble keeping up. Married, with Rottie/Pit. Reading, and some writing, that's me.

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