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Liveblog: Senate Stimulus Vote

CSPAN live feed here.

8:14:  McCain, who was evidently one of the primary behind-the-scenes obstructionists, now working on an aneurism.

8:13:  McCain:  Indignant that this is being called bipartisan because two Republicans — count ’em two, and possibly a third, who never talked with the other thirty eight Republicans —  defected.  Because he knows bipartisan.

8:12:  McConnell:  "Most Republicans are skeptical that this can work."   It’s not bipartisany enough for him.

8:10:  Any Senate bill has to be resolved with House bill in conference.  How much worse do you suppose the Blue Dogs are going to make this?

8:08:  The Republicans will speak for 45 minutes.  McConnell up.  Says WW II got us out of the Great Depression, so what…let’s start a war?  

8:06:  Reid says that it’s "not likely" that they can move forward tonight — looks like Diaper Dave isn’t going to let them vote.

8:01:  Lieberman:  "I must say as a teenager I never got to join a gang.  The Senate has given me some good opportunities to join some good gangs." 

I must have been completely evil in a previous life.

7:58:  Per Teddy:  "Viquera predicted as many as two dozen House GOPs may come over to support this bill, although they might lose liberal Democrats."   Common ground and "bipartisanship" ultimately more important than having something that will work.

7:55:  And just when you think it can’t get any better…here’s Holy Joe.

7:51:  Oh that is just fucking rich.  Specter says stuff in this bill ought to be part of the regular appropriations bill, but they’re here because the administration wants them.  This from the guy who never, ever lifted a finger to bring the Iraq budget under Congressional supervision but cast vote after vote to keep it in the supplemental.

7:49:  I’m loving how all the Republicans are using fearmongering that the Bushies did to push TARP through last year as a reason not to vote for anything else.  

7:45:  Specter says there’s an unemployment problem.  Ya think? 


Specter says he’s getting calls opposing the bill.   Someone might let him know he’s a Republican. 

Now he’s reading a letter from the Chamber, happy that they got their tax cuts.  Just kill me.

7:41:  As Klynn notes in the comments, the Chamber of Commerce would’ve been happy with 40% tax cuts.  

How could the state of Maine not notice that this woman was really, really stupid? Says they killed $870 million for pandemic flu preparedness. 

7:34: Susan Colllins is ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.  She is pleased to join her fellow narcissists bipartisan colleagues Specter, Lieberman and Nelson in working night and day to create a bipartisan compromise with this bipartisan bill.   Says that the House bill was laden with everyone’s pet projects (damned near killed her not to be able to use the word "earmarks"). 

7:31:  Ben Nelson says he has saved us from parts of this bill that "didn’t deserve to be in this particular bill which is about jobs jobs jobs."  Says the bill has $350 billion in tax cuts which will put money in people’s pockets so they can buy stuff.  

7:27:  Chris Matthews on MSNBC says the bill is 42% tax cuts and 58% spending. 

7:20:  Reid is speaking in the Senate.  I guess Collins and Nelson didn’t get their lights-camera-action press conference moment, but Reid is giving them props along with Specter and …wait for it…Joe Lieberman.  Did that prick hold this thing up?

CNN reports that Kennedy is on his way from Florida in order to vote.  McConnell was on Fox saying that he will not agree to a vote tonight.  Since GOP leadership has to sign off before it could come to a vote tonight, they could drag Kennedy all the way up and then obstruct.

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