CSPAN live feed here.

9:03:  Diaper Dave Vitter will not agree to unanimous consent and will make Reid file for cloture, so the vote will not take place until Monday per MSNBC’s Mike Viqueira.

8:59:  Blub reminds us that anything Lieberman voted for two years ago was considered "bipartisan."

8:57:  Reid is worried about McCain’s impending aneurysm, too.

8:54:  McCain:  Don’t tell me you won the damn election.  Like I don’t know?  "Occasionally we were guilty of the hubris that goes with victory." And with that he is finally the master of understatement…

8:47:  Martinez:  Don’t look at me, I’m not number three.  Not my problem…I’m outie.

8:46:  Johanns:  I wasn’t her for TARP I so don’t blame me.

8:43:  Johanns up.  We’ve now gone an hour and half with Senators talking about a bill they haven’t read.

8:42:  Graham threatens Obama on TARP III:  "Gonna be impossible."  

8:36:  Concern troll Lindsey Graham scolds Obama for his speech last night, saying that’s not "change."   He says, "Maybe it’s us. Maybe we’ve just so lost our way that we can’t be reasonable with anybody any more.  You can explain the 11 Democrats somehow, but not only did you not get one Republican in the House, you lost 11 Democrats." 

Thank you, Blue Dogs!

8:35  Marcy says "I can still never imagine this man giving a pelvic exam. I can’t believe he was an OB/GYN."

8:30  Coburn:  "This is the largest generational theft in the history of mankind."

8:27:  Thune:  TWO is not bipartisan.  

8:23:  Thune:  "This is the largest transfer of debt in human history."  Count him among the GOP mathematically challenged.


8:24:  Kyl — Will someone please let me see the bill?

8:22:  Diaper Dave Vitter may keep a vote from happening tonight.  McConnell has put Gluehorse McCain in charge of Republican time.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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