Franken-Coleman Update, 02/06/09: Breaking Down the Universe

franken-coleman-court.thumbnail.jpgDay Ten of the Coleman contest trial of Al Franken’s recount win was moderately eventful.  Two more absentee ballots were found, this time in Washington County.  A Coleman motion to intervene on behalf of seven Coleman voters was denied by the Election Contest Court.  The Republican Party of Minnesota, for some odd reason, thinks it’s a good idea to waste a few tens of thousands on an ad campaign linking Al Franken to Tom Daschle; guys, it’s February, not November!  There won’t be a do-over!  The three-judge panel of the Election Contest Court couldn’t care less about Tom Daschle.  But please, don’t let that stop you from setting fire to your cash.  The Nasser Kazeminy lawsuit in Texas is being delayed for sixty days while the company involved, Deep Water, finishes its own internal probe.

 And The UpTake’s Noah Kunin – he of the rejected absentee ballot – tries his hand at breaking down the 4,797 absentee ballots of the Coleman ballot universe (that is, the properly-rejected absentee ballots that Coleman got the ECC to review), with the help of TomTech, longtime Daily Kos diarist.  Guess what?  Their first scenario winds up extending Franken’s lead by 85 votes, from 225 to 310.   More scenarios to come.

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