This is a call to arms.

Rush Limbaugh has flooded the Senate switchboard with Dittoheads who want the stimulus to fail. Well, I have spent the last 2 hours trying to voice my own opinion to my own Senators and guess what… The lines has been busy. It is especially frustrating for those of us who have new Senators who don’t have precinct/district offices yet.

We have seen this tactic before from the GOP: PHONE JAMMING.

I want Limbaugh investigated for an intentional, concerted effort at denying my (and your) Freedom of Speech.

If anyone has ANY information about this scenario, please leave it in the comments: tips, quotes from Rush about clogging the lines, opinions on the legality of denying people’s right to speak with their elected officials, contact information for people to call and register a complaint. Anything that would be helpful.

It’s on.

Btw, here are two quotes from Rush to get us started:

What we’re doing here is setting the table to win seats back in 2010 and the White House in 2012 after all this overreaching takes place. We’ve also gotta make sure that this is the worst of it, because if you win in 2010 but we got national health care, how do you roll it back? So it’s crucial.


This stimulus package passed the House. It’s going to pass. This pork bill is going to pass. There’s nothing the Republicans can do to stop it. What the Republicans can do is position themselves in such a way that they have no authorship of it so that when it bombs out they cannot be harmed by it — and in fact can use their opposition to win reelection and pick up seats in both the House and the Senate

Let’s get busy.