Boo yah. A sampling of smackdowns across the internets:

—  As ever, digby:

[Graham] was whining and fulminating and pretty much working himself into a frenzy. Which means this is an orchestrated hissy fit.

— Who’da thunk it only a coupla years back? Joe Klein, with the assist:

The point is, when people are actually working–as opposed to working out their Oedipal crises in the Oval Office–they tend to want to roll up their sleeves and get comfortable. George W. Bush could have come to work in a tuxedo and still been a lousy President; Barack Obama will do just fine in shirtsleeves, I predict.

In the meantime, Andy Card, you join Dick Cheney on the expired list: Please. Go. Away.

S-s-s-s-s-s-smokin’.  Card might want to check his facts, too.

— A bit of biting whimsy from LGM:

It nearly goes without saying that Dick Cheney proved to be one of the nation’s greatest natural catastrophes — a Dust Bowl in human form, the Spanish Flu incarnate — and as such, he merits our enduring scrutiny.

That leper ain’t gonna change his spots, nosiree.

Athenae posits:

The stupid has made me so tired. Can’t I just lay down now?

Oh, if I had a nickel every time I felt that way, I’d be rich, wealthy and "thocially thecure."

— This one really will leave a mark, from Jack and Jill Politics:

The original email, in addition to being racist, inhumane and evil, doesn’t even make sense. Let’s try to answer Carol’s questions.

How can two million black folks get to DC in one day?

Easy, black people have been planning this trip for a few hundred years, and because of the institutionalized racism and injustice woven into the very fabric of this country, black people have mad experience rolling to DC in large numbers. However, that’s not something I expect an ignorant ass Florida Republican to consider when posing rhetorical questions to her political colleagues.

Damn. That’s just hawt.

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