I usually don’t like to burden you by asking you to watch a news clip. With so much noise and misinformation about the economy and recovery plan, this story aired on CNBC today illustrates the level of economic blight in small town America and how the recovery plan could help pull Braddock, PA, out of decades of economic neglect.

Mayor Fetterman who you will see in the clip is the opposite of Joe the Plumber. He is knowledgeable, well informed, well educated, only gets paid $150 a year to be mayor of this very small town, basically he is a volunteer.

Please forward this to others who need clarity about the recovery plan and what needs to get done at this critical moment.

Rebuilding America’s Ghost Town

The NY Times uncovered a small town – Braddock, Pa. – that is ready to put Obama’s stimulus plan to the test. Braddock Mayor John Fetterman discusses his town’s hopes with CNBC.

CNBC Video of Braddock here

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