Last week I was complaining about the lack of interesting concerts coming up and now it appears that anyone worth seeing will be at Coachella and I don’t do festivals. Also, Paul McCartney as a headliner on Friday night? WTF? The headliner doesn’t usually go on until about midnight. Who is going to wake him up? On the other hand, he’s more a headliner than the Killers who top the lineup on Saturday. The Killers? Really? The Jonas Brothers weren’t available?

Jeebus Lizard, how sad…


Watch, this will be the night that Limp Bizkit pops up in my random ten:

My Heart and the Real World – The Minutemen
Good Time Last Night – Mark Sandman
Flipside – The Breeders
Don’t Talk Down – The Stills
One Firecracker – Girls Against Boys
Cry Me A River – Joe Cocker
Learning To Hunt – Guided By Voices
Come With Us – Chemical Brothers
Last Days of Disco – Yo La Tengo
Watery Eyes – Mitchell Froom
and bonus (pleezejeebusnolimpbizkit) #11: Send In The Clowns – Mark Kozelek

That was scary.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....