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Hey Andy Card: Look at This

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Liberty sez "Somebody save me from those ugly high water golf pants!"

Earlier this morning, Emptywheel was telling us about Andy Card’s fit of pique on INSIDE EDITION. He’s terribly concerned that President Obama has been seen in the Oval Office without a coat and tie. That got me to wondering just how formal previous presidents have been in the Oval Office. A bit of searching Google images found the gem above. It’s entirely legitimate, as a lower resolution image can be found on a University of Michigan site dedicated to Ford, where we find the image dated to February 2, 1975, and captioned as a Sunday afternoon. I pulled the high resolution image from a University of Texas site.

Isn’t it interesting that Card decries the lack of dress code for the president who now is tasked with putting our shredded Constitution back together? Card praises the dress code of George W. Bush, who shredded the Constitution entirely, and yet the dress code was shredded by Gerald Ford, who can be said to have enabled this whole sorry spectacle with his pardon of Nixon.

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