Okay, this is a definite WTF? moment and I am pretty far beyond my comfort zone on internet DNS/IP address protocol, so disregard this if I’m all upset over nothing.

This got started when I was following up on this post at Emptywheel. I was searching to see if there was an old White House photo archive that had the photo that Marcy was postulating dated to July 16, 2003. I found Google caches of photos from that 90th birthday party for Gerald Ford, but the caches did not have the actual photos. When I tried to click through on the images, I found that the Whitehouse.gov website has been changed entirely and the photos could not be found. It appears that the Obama Administration has completely redone the site.

After digging a bit more, I found one site that appeared to have the same set of photos arranged in the same way, and the photos were included. The site appeared to be a mirror of the information that had previously been on Whitehouse.gov. (The photo and information with it confirmed Marcy’s speculation on the date of the photo.) What was most striking is that I found this information on the site etrunk.kiev.ua.

That aroused my curiosity. I wanted to know who in Kiev, Ukraine would be putting up mirrors of information on the White House website. With a little more searching, I found a Google cache of information from a "whois" service robtex.com. What I found there made my jaw drop. I think what is there suggests that at least on the day the cache was made, whitehouse.gov and etrunk.kiev.ua shared ip addresses. If I am wrong about this, someone please correct me. Here is a screenshot of that cache:
Grab 1

However, now that the Obama Administration has changed the Whitehouse.gov website, this sharing with Kiev no longer appears to be going on. Here is a new screenshot directly from robtex:
Grab 2

Why did George W. Bush’s White House share an ip address for its website with a site located in Kiev?
[Note: Sorry if the screengrabs are too small to read, I can’t figure out a way around the problem just yet.]

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