Day 8 of the Zombie Contest continues, and there was a humorous note during the lunch break — turns out that Noah Kunin of The UpTake voted by absentee ballot, and it was rejected according to Norm Coleman’s ballot website.  (Look for the name "NOAH KUNIM"; yes, they misspelled it, which is probably why he wasn’t notified by the Coleman campaign, which has been looking for rejected Republican absentee ballot voters to testify.  Either that, or they recognized his name from The UpTake’s coverage and deliberately misspelled it, hoping he’d never have a reason to check the list for his name.  But that would ascribe a bit more cunning to them than they seem to have shown so far.) 

Noah talks about being, literally, part of the story, in this UpTake video here (skip forward to around the five-minute mark).   Another thing he mentions is that the Coleman campaign has been trying to push the Minnesota legislature to declare the seat vacant so Republican governor and would-be presidential nominee Tim Pawlenty can appoint Norm to re-fill it during the duration of the recount.  It’s perfectly legal, yet smells a bit fishy — which is what makes it so funny that they and Pawlenty are decrying as a "cheap public relations gimmick" the bill put forth by state legislator Phyllis Kahn (DFL-Minneapolis) that would compel the Secretary of State and Governor to issue a provisional winner’s certificate to the person ahead at the end of an election recount, regardless of whether any challenges have been made.

In other news, Team Franken has argued that the list of 4,800 properly-rejected absentee ballots Norm Coleman got the Election Contest Court to allow to be reviewed yet again is "tainted" and that the ballots on the list were selected in part "on factors other than the merits".

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