WaPo is reporting that former DC US Attorney, Ken Wainstein has landed a prestigous partnership at O’Melveny & Myers. I know some folks there and expect that he will find it to be a very convivial atmosphere.They seem to excel at hiring people who are really easy to get along with. Which also describes Ken Wainstein, so he’ll fit right in.

In the same article, Al Kamen reports the irony that Mike Chertoff has been forced to sublease space from another law firm. The implication being that he, like Alberto Gonzales, is having trouble finding a job in a post-Bush world.

Good news for Mike. The House has just passed a bill that will allow people on the Dept. of Homeland Security’s "no fly" list to challenge their status in court.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY), passed 413-3.

The bill requires Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to establish a "timely and fair" appeal process and provide relief for those wrongly delayed or prevented from boarding a flight.

Mike! Mike! Pay attention! There is a huge untapped market of new law clients for you there. Look!

Hey, nobody knows better than you how arbitrary and silly the no fly list is. Hell’s bells, you must have a hundred funny anecdotes about the nonsensical ways people got on that list.

Well now instead of sitting at home wishing someone would invite you to their cocktail party or BBQ where you could be the center of attention by regaling the guests with witty stories of how careers and businesses were ruined and vacations screwed up because of people erroneously put on the list who descended into a Kafkaesque nightmare when they tried to figure out how to get off said list; you can put these stories to work for your clients demonstrating to the court how their name on that list meets the legal definition of "arbitrary and capricious".

No one knows better than you the level of administrative incompetence that led to those names being put on that list, and no one knows better than you, the level of administrative malevolence that led to there being no due process method for getting off the list.

Any court will find your representations in this regard ultimately persuasive.

You have created your own cottage industry.



In rugby, the looseheadprop is the player in the front row of the scrum, who has the ability to collapse the scrum, pretty much at will and without the referee knowing who did it.
While this can give the LHP's team a great tactical advantage, it also exposes scrum players from both teams to the dangers of catastrophic spinal cord injury.
Consequently, playing this position makes you understand your responsibility to put doing the right thing ahead of winning, and to think beyond your own wants and desires. It also makes you very law and order oriented.