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America’s Mayors to GOP: PLEASE Vote for the Stimulus!

Image by TW CollinsFirst it was the economists, then the governors (and GOP ones like Schwarzenegger at that).  Now it’s the mayors’ turn to beg the Republicans in the Senate and their Blue Dog buddies to stop screwing around and vote for the stimulus already:

“We’re here to support the president’s call for an economic stimulus package,” said Miami Mayor Manny Diaz. "We need to get something passed. … We’re asking Congress to act."

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took a sharper tone toward Congress, declaring: "It’s time to stop bickering and start negotiating."

The mayors met with top White House aides, including Valerie Jarrett and Cecelia Munoz, according to Palatine, Ill., Mayor Rita Mullins. And the group is headed to the Hill next to meet with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

I find it interesting that they’re going to meet with Pelosi, being that the House version of the bill has already passed.  Are they perhaps planning to undo some of the many concessions Obama and Pelosi made to the bill in the failed bid to get Republicans to back it?

Come on, Republicans.  Stop hurting America.  Don’t try to wreck the country just so you can score points in 2010.  There may not be elections — or even a functioning country — by 2010 if you keep screwing us all on this one.

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