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Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological  Seminary in Pasadena, is this week’s essayist in the My Turn page of Newsweek. He is upset with the way we’ve been screeching at each other over gay marriage, rather than calmly discussing it. He voted for Prop. 8 but doesn’t consider himself “the worst kind of fundamentalist” because he does support racial justice, gender equality, peacemaking, and care for the environment, things that the “worst kinds of fundamentalists” condemn. He feels relegated to the margins of the debate.

Even so, he wants to talk, not screech. Sit down with him and explain…

“What is it about people like me that frighten you so much? What would you need to hear from us that would reduce your anxiety? What is your vision of a flourishing pluralistic society? Where do people like me fit into that kind of society?”

Part of what Mouw says is correct. We do need to talk. And we can ask him the same questions. This indicates that we gays have not made our case well. We (just like many Fundies) are too inclined to screech.

Alas, from the other things Mouw says and has done, he wants us to hear him but he may have a difficult time hearing us.

So, without screeching and simply dismissing him, how would you answer Mouw’s questions and what questions would you ask him? Yo can follow the link and read the full essay.

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