Your Tax Dollars At Work: B of A Bailout at the Super Bowl

03-hot-cheerleaders.thumbnail.jpgBank of America–which got $45 billion in tax payer bail-out dollars–put some of that money to work during Super Bowl week, sponsoring the NFL Experience. The five-day, tented, 850,000 square feet of whoop-de-doo with sports games and interactive entertainment was designed to keep fans busy and maybe get them signed up for football-themed banking products. BofA says it was all part of their

growth strategy.

ABC News reports:

According to the Bank of America, the official bank of the NFL, its NFL partnerships and product tie-tins "generate significant revenue streams." The bank said it was legally required to fulfill its contract to be an NFL sponsor and that its NFL product sales had already increased since the Experience began Jan. 24.

The bank declined to tell ABC News how much it’s spending as an NFL corporate sponsor, but insiders put the figure at close to $10 million, with the NFL Experience an extra cost. This year was the first year the bank sponsored the NFL Experience.

The NFL told ABC News the NFL Experience was a "multi-million dollar" event and that it was also spending money to put on the event, which had been part of the Super Bowl week for 18 years.  Tickets were sold, ranging in price from $12.50 and $18.50. Proceeds from ticket sales went to local youth initiatives.

No word if Nero and his fiddlers performed; however guests mentioned how particularly delicious the hummingbird tongues tasted this year, much more flavorful than in the past.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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