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Why Obama and every Democrat we have needs to get on TV

Why Obama and every Democrat we have needs to get on TV and talk about a better Stimulus plan than we now have (no tax cuts), National HealthCare, an Auto bailout that gives the Big three money to retool and make hybrids and ending the war in Afghanistan.
Why because the all these ideas complement each other and make a greater whole than the parts do individually.
Why because the GOP is on tv 24/7 spreading lies and when good men and women do nothing evil spreads.
Right now the Right is lying about everything we do and if Obama passes half assed compromises that don’t work the GOP will appear to have been right.
So First end the war in Afghanistan just say that we are to much in debt to keep fighting the war.
Why because that frees up more money to do what we want.
Second I want the big three to retool and every car they make to get 40 MPG on average trucks and SUV’s 30 MPG we have the tech just look at my previous diaries on the subject.
Third National Healthcare will save us money in the long run, and reduce sick days resulting in higher economic productivity.
So then we use the short term savings from not fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan to help retool the big three’s factories and if necessary help people buy these new American cars.
The big three thanks to National Healthcare savings make more money off of each car.
This causes the Price of Oil to go down.
Arabs with oil money are the ones who give Ossama money. By reducing oil demand we reduce his cash flow.
The Stimulus puts people back to work making solar and wind power for electric cars.
Israel and Denmark are already building electric car charging stations nationwide. Pull in to a gas station and they take your old battery and replace it with a charged up battery.
Charged with the wind and sun thats the next step for us and it should decrease oil prices even more.
Which Hurts Ossama even more.
Fight terror smarter not harder.
Again the sum of our ideas is greater than the parts but it does not matter how smart we are if we do not explain ourselves to the voters!

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