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Sarah Palin: The Republicans’ Last Best Dope.


It would appear that the Republican Party has a death wish. Via HuffPo:

While the media and political elites debate the future of the GOP, rank and file Republicans see see no need to deviate from the party’s current path. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, a plurality of Republican voters think the party has grown too moderate over the past eight years, and a majority think the party should become more like controversial Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

You read that right.  A majority of Republicans think the party should be more like Sarah "If, By ‘Hockey Mom’, You Mean ‘Why Shouldn’t My Seven Year-Old Have Her Own $875 Louis Vuitton Bag’ RNC’s Money Squanderer" Palin.

Hey, if Palin really is the Republican Savior, maybe she should tap Joe the Plumber for VP. That would make for an awesome display of political cunning and grammatical syntax.

Jeeebus, I hope the Republican Party’s stocked up on firewood, marshmallows, and sleeping bags, because if the majority thinks the party should tilt further right, it’s going to be a very long time in the wilderness for them.
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