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Minding the Neighbor’s Business: News from New Hampshire

2 stories coming out of the Granite State recently- one getting a fair amount of coverage (think “Meet The Press”, etc) and the other- well, not so much.

First: it’s looking pretty likely that President Obama is going to select Republican Senator Judd Gregg as his Commerce Secretary.

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) — Republican Senator Judd Gregg has emerged as Democratic President Barack Obama’s top candidate for U.S. commerce secretary and a decision could come as early as Monday, an administration official said Saturday.

The choice of Gregg, a fiscally conservative lawmaker from New Hampshire, could help Obama soften resistance from Republicans opposed to the terms of an $800 billion-plus economic stimulus package the new president is trying to push through Congress.

“Senator Gregg is now the leading candidate for Commerce and a pick that could come as early as Monday,” an administration official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Gregg, a third-term senator and the ranking Republican on the powerful Senate Budget Committee, confirmed Friday that Barack Obama could nominate him to head the Commerce Department.

Gregg, a former Senate Budget Committee chairman, helped the two parties reach a deal last year on a Wall Street bailout, and could play a major role in striking up the kind of bipartisanship that Obama has promised in Washington.

Lots of speculation this past weekend regarding how Judd’s leaving the Senate could effect the “balance of power”. But all rumors seem to point to a non-event.This second story is NOT getting as much play at all and frankly, it’s disappointing. Although not unexpected, given the inaugural snub…

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – The Rev. V. Gene Robinson will testify Thursday before the New Hampshire House Judiciary Committee on a bill to allow gay marriage in the Granite State.

Democratic state Rep. Jim Splaine, the bill’s sponsor, said Robinson wants to see marriage equality in New Hampshire.

A state law granting civil unions to gay couples took effect last year. More than 600 couples have had civil unions since then.

Some background- gee, sound familiar?

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