The Republicans might want to enlist another shill for their anti-stimulus crusade.

This morning, Jim DeMint feebly trotted out the same old same old tax-cuts-fix-everything plan, and was promptly beat down by Barney Frank and those notorious socialists, the CEOs of Google and FedEx.

DEMINT: There are two ways to do [the stimulus], George. One is for the government to take it out of the private sector through taxes and then decide where it’s gonna go through political manipulation as they’ve done in the House. The other is just to leave more money in the private sector for consumers to spend and businesses to invest, that’s the American way, and that’s the approach we’re pushing.

SNUFFLEUPAGUS: All tax cuts, no increases in spending of any kind, yet most economists say that investments, the right kind of investments, create more jobs.

DEMINT: Well, I’m not sure what economists you’re talking to … We have to decide if we want to be a free market economy and let the money stay there or be a government-directed economy which is where we’re headed with this plan.

FRANK: …Let’s agree that we’re all Americans here, Jim. Nobody’s got the "American way" versus presumably the "non-American way." And as far as spending versus tax cuts, I think we need to fix some highway and bridges. I never saw a tax cut fix a bridge. I never saw a tax cut give us more public transportation…

SMITH, CEO FEDEX:  No question about it, the infrastructure of the country has been underfunded for a long time, uh, it certainly would be a wise thing to invest in all kinds of infrastructure

SCHMIDT, CEO GOOGLE: The business community needs action now. There’s a sense that things are getting worse…It’s time for government actionto get people going again.

DEMINT: It really comes down to a basic argument. Do you want a government-directed plan or do you want the free markets to work?

FRANK: Yes, I do want highways. I want better medical care for people laid off…This notion, the one thing I’d most disagree with, you say we’re over-regulated…the notion that everything is solved by a tax cut…there are public needs that we have in this society that cannot be accomplished by a tax cut. No tax cut built a road. No tax cut puts a cop on the street…

DEMINT: We can take a trillion dollars out of the economy and we’re saying we might create 3 million jobs. If we leave it in the economy the economists at the Heritage Foundation say we create 18 million jobs, this is something we know…

SCHMIDT: I’m worried that tax cuts alone won’t work because people are not paying any taxes because they’re not making any money.

Suck on that, Jimbo.

You really should watch the whole thing because Frank was masterful, running circles around DeMint while directly engaging the concerns of the CEOs.

The stark contrast between the two parties was on full display this morning.

Blue Texan

Blue Texan