Palin Snubs Party Members for Fancy Dinner

alfalfa-club-018-thumb-300x225.thumbnail.jpgHouse Republicans invited Sarah Palin to their annual retreat this weekend in Hot Springs Va, but she couldn’t join the 130 house members, citing

pressing state business made it impossible for her to leave Alaska this weekend.

 Well, Alaska’s Frost Lady managed to skip out of her home state long enough to attend the prestigious Alfalfa Club dinner, where she was seated next to former First Lady Barbara Bush, who did not look amused by Gov GILF’s antics/words/misuse of the salad fork.

Palin spokesman Bill McAllister hedged to ABC News:

My understanding is that the governor has not scheduled any partisan events on her current trip to D.C.

While Palin was being acknowledged from the podium by outgoing Alfalfa Clue president Joe Lieberman:

[T]hen John called me. As he always does, he got right to the point. He said, ‘Joe, I can’t do it. I need more than just a pretty face.’

her retreating party members were feeling a little put out. One told ABC News

She lied to us

and when asked about Palin’s absence, House Republican Leader John Boehner responded:


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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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