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Even-Handedness, Foreshadow of Real Change?

"Only time will tell whether the appointment of Mitchell presages real change in U.S. behavior, but whatever else is true, the presidential appointment of a Middle East envoy with a real history of even-handedness, and who therefore prompts praise from the likes of Jimmy Carter, J Street and Noam Chomsky, and anger from the ADL and The New Republic, is a significant and encouraging departure from the suffocatingly one-sided approach that has been so destructive for both the U.S. and Israel."

Glenn Greenwald, January 30, 2009
Increasing even-handedness in the Middle East

Two things. If you have not watched the 60 minutes segment, please do. And consider taking one moment to post a quick e-mail to CBS in support of their coverage, which is under attack, via this nifty J Street widget. Oh, and one more thing, go read Glenn.

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