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The Real Reason Cheney would not let Bush Close Gitmo

Hard to believe I’m just finding this 04 article and harder to believe it has not been discussed

Since January 2002, Halliburton’s Kellogg, Brown & Root unit has performed more than $50 million in construction projects at Guantanamo Bay. The work is performed under a Pentagon contract for emergency construction work worldwide known as ConCap, short for Contingency Construction Capabilities Contract.

interesting, there he is, vice president cheney looming large as day to make profit from gitmo

here’s the scary part, look at when the project began;

The contract was devised in the mid-1990s so that military units could quickly obtain construction and engineering services in response to natural disasters, military operations, humanitarian emergencies, and other crises. At the time a ConCap contract is awarded, it is not known precisely what work a company will be required to perform.

The first such contract went to Perini International of Framingham, Mass., and J.A. Jones Management Services of Charlotte, N.C., in 1995. The second, ConCap II, was awarded to KBR in 2001. With payments under that contract close to reaching its $300 million ceiling, a third ConCap contract, this one with a ceiling of $500 million, was given to KBR in July.

The Pentagon agency in charge of the ConCap contract would not disclose how many other companies were considered for the new contract. According to news reports, three firms, including KBR, were considered for ConCap II.

surprise surprise, haliburton make money on gitmo

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