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This is probably a little bit inside baseball  but what the hell, all I pretty much do is blog about bloggers anyway.

Memeorandum is kind of a one-stop shopping area for bloggers to check out what the hot stories are and who else is blogging about them. Usually the top stories are not blogs blogging about blogs, but today was different. And if your name happened to be Roger Simon, the above is what you had to look at most of the afternoon.

Sucks to be Roger who just went from being themanwhocreatedmoseswine to themanwhomadewingnutbloggerswhine.

Over at the newly renamed Pull My Finger Media™, Roger decides to rub a little salt in the wound:

Actually that part of our business has been losing money from the beginning, so the people getting their quarterly checks from PJM were getting a form of stipend from us in the hopes that advertisers would start to cotton to blogs and we could possibly make a profit. Didn’t happen. No wonder those people are kicking and screaming now that they are off the dole. I might too.

"Off the dole"?

Nice touch. Nothing like first insulting and then making the PJM network bloggers have to tell their tens of readers that they are being thrust from the PJM nest and will probably plummet to the ground, landing with a sickening thud only to lie there twisted, broken and writhing in excruciating pain until the ants come and begin to feast on their still living flesh, their silent cries unheard..

On a lighter note, Roger has a book coming out next week:


Either the timing of this was a weird coincidence or possibly the most brilliant and twisted marketing campaign ever.

Oh, sweet mama. And I thought the Obama years were going to be no fun.

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