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Veep Joe Biden has the quote of the day: Welcome back to the White House.

Delivered this morning as President Obama signed executive orders establishing the middle class task force which Biden will lead.

For labor unions and enlightened businesses and those who have cared about the well-being of the entire nation rather than just their own elite group, it’s been a long eight years in the wilderness. Ignored by the Bush Administration, Ignored by the media who craved their access and stenoed the White House talking points all the way back to "Reaganomics."

One might also say, for those intelligent and common sensical enough to realize that a strong middle class is good for all classes, it’s been a long way back.

The President signed multiple executive orders this morning to restore the rights of workers. Those dumb enough not to recognize that, or too dittoized by fearmongering and lies, well, there’ll be room enough for you, too, as the recovery begins.

Salut! today, to the Obama Administration for its forward thinking…and forward action to restore the power of the Middle Class.

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