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Ya know, I listen to Rush, well because you have to keep your enemies close, etc… and this whole thing about this congress wimp telling Rush to back off and then calling him and apologizing, fearing reprisals in his district….I reminds me of the old black and white news casts of the McCarthy communist witch hunt hearings where you have Rush sitting up there and the congress critter being interrogated and Rush says, "Congressman, I ASK YOU, are you a conservative" and the congress critter responds "Oh, yes sir, yes sir, I am definitely a conservative, and I am soooo sorry I said what I did about you. And the next time I have an opinion, I’ll be sure to ask you first!!"….It just strikes me that this is the power Limbaugh has over Republicans. Watch what you say-watch what you do because Rush-McCarthy is watching!
With conservative radio on the air for 12 to 15 hours, day after day, on three stations here in the Cincinnati area, This is all I hear. How do the Progressives and specifically Obama, get their message out?
The Bully Pulpit is Obama’s… PLEASE USE IT!!!!!!

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